Ali Eslami

Founder, Creator

Ali Eslami (1991) is a VR Artist and practitioner from Iran based in Amsterdam. He has been working with VR technology since 2014. Develops and designs Interactive VR Experiences to explore new pathways in this emerging medium. Further than that, re-imagine and construct possible futures through the speculative design of virtual space, time and bodies.

His realities span between fiction and non-fiction to reflect his practice-led research in VR. Besides content production, Ali is active in running VR Masterclasses and workshops.

He has self-taught 3D for Architectural Viz since 2005 and further expanded his focus to other fields like creative coding, data-viz, 3D art, and programming.
In 2016, His VR project won the IDFA DocLab Award for “Best Immersive non-fiction”.


Shahin Entezami

Sound Design, Music

Shahin Entezami, also known by his stage name Tegh is a musician/Sound Artist based in Tehran, Iran. He started making experimental electronic music in 2010, after 5 years of experimenting with Hip-Hop. His music is associated with Ambient, Drone, Experimental and Tehran’s industrial and polluted atmosphere has been a significant stimulant for his aesthetic. Over time, as he gained experience, he started working on more complex creations and he had become involved in sound design and composition for Theatre, film and Virtual reality experiences.