Welcome to False Mirror

Living in a new City can always be confusing. But don't worry too much. This guide can make it a bit easier.

First Steps

To get started living in False Mirror you need to:

  1. Get into the Elevator and Log-in to your Home

  2. Once in Home, You have access to 3 main areas:

  • City Hub - Transportation system helps you navigate to different spaces inside the city

  • Body Lab - Further customization of your post-human body

  • Lounge - Chill , play music, watch videos. Also used for giving presentations and lectures.

Home new.jpg

Push Buttons

Yes you can just push buttons the way you push real buttons.

Pushing Buttons.gif

Key Features

Things you should know as a primitive post-human


You can move around in False Mirror by using Teleportation:

  1. Rotate 'Right Stick' to activate and adjust Orientation

  2. Point towards the next point you want to move into.

  3. Release to Teleport

ps. It can be hard to understand but come on you can do it!


Grab Objects

You can grab objects that seem grabbable by just pushing the 'Grab' button while reaching them


Input Guide

Get comfortable with the controller at your hand

Body Features

Unleash your Inner post-human

Embodied Operating System

By simply enabling the OS attached to your left hand you can enjoy using various Apps in False Mirror anytime anywhere!
You can point with your right hand on the OS screen to Interact with the UI.



In order to access False Mirror, currently you need to fake your identity and login as 'Ali Eslami'

Caution: The VPN software is trial and only keeps you logged-in for 25 minutes.



You want to shrink yourself ?! just hold ( B ) on your Right hand controller.


Laser / Torch (beta)

By Enabling the scanner on your right hand you can reveal wireframe of objects around you.



An In Depth Explanation

If you're wondering how to navigate and explore the city using the hub, Watch this short video.